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Maryland Targets Harrisons, Britt Fill It Up (on the Same Team) at Adidas Nations

Dream scenario.
Dream scenario.

Alternative title: "It can be done." Adidas Nations has been going over the weekend, and if you're active in the FanPosts, you've already heard the biggest piece of news: Maryland targets Andrew and Aaron Harrison have been playing with Nate Britt, also a Terps recruit, and Britt seems to like it.

That's important, because as I've said earlier, I would expect Mark Turgeon to at least make a run at convincing the three they could all play in the same system. There was talk earlier that the Twins and Britt may have an icy relationship - mostly driven by the "Of course I [think I'm better]" quote and the fight they almost got in on the AAU circuit - and that almost certainly would've been a non-starter in a potential combination. Perhaps that isn't the case here.

Of course, all parties involved still have to be able to think the combo is going to work; namely, that there'll be enough playing time and points to go around, as well as wins. Mark Turgeon will have to handle the PT pitch, but the latter two seem to be going quite well, if the box scores from the event are any indication. Britt and the Harrisons' USA Red 2013 won both of their games from day one, with pretty impressive statistical hauls. Aaron Harrison has been the best of the three this time around, scoring 23 points in the first game to go along with Britt's 14 and Andrew's 7. Then, in their next contest, the Harrisons combined for 40(!) in a close win over the African team. (Though, admittedly, Britt did only score 2 points in that one.)

(Robert Upshaw and Amile Jefferson were also at the event. Upshaw had 4 points and 7 boards in his only contest, while Jefferson dropped 19 in his only game of the day.)

So, it would appear that the pipe dream scenario of landing both the Harrisons and Britt may actually be attainable. Lots of guards on that roster, assuming no attrition - in fact, I'm starting to wonder if we just shouldn't start assuming more attrition. There's obviously a long way to go here, but the important take-away: it isn't impossible.