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Meet Terry Henderson: 2012 Carolina Wing Garners Terps Offer

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One of the best parts about July and August is the host of new basketball targets that pop up, most of which we've never heard before. The latest: 6-4 North Carolina swingman Terry Henderson.

Henderson, who enjoyed a strong summer, reportedly picked up an offer from Maryland earlier today. The Terps shot up right into his top five, occupying space next to West Virginia, Georgia, George Mason, and Richmond. And Dave Telep says he has family from the area and plans to visit College Park.

If you're wondering who Henderson really is: well, he's not particularly highly-ranked, though that looks like it's prone to change. He's a 2-star on ESPN (88), 3-star on Rivals, and 3-star on Scout, and he's generally regarded as having one of the more productive summers on the circuit. He seems to be a Nick Faust clone: primarily known as a shooter, he's been developing a more well-rounded offensive game all summer. His big problem right now: he's skinny. Which, again, is pretty much the description of Nick Faust.

Though, last time I checked, Faust never threw down like this:

And if that wasn't enough, check out a highlight reel of his from ScoutsFocus.

That dunk alone makes Henderson a likable enough prospect. He's not really a huge priority at the moment, it would seem, but with the number of scholarships Maryland has available it's more likely than not that they'll have to add at least one player of Henderson's caliber. My first thought was that he's a backup prospect, but Turgeon isn't recruiting anyone else like him; he's not like an Amile Jefferson or Jake Layman, nor Christian Sanders.

It'll be truly interesting to see how important Henderson ends up being throughout the rest of the summer and fall. I'm guessing he'll be a part of the second tier of Maryland prospects, below the Mitch McGarys (obviously) and even Jake Laymans, and more in line with guys like Daniel Dingle, who supposedly got an MD offer late in July.