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D.J. Adams, Cody Blue Suspended for Miami-Maryland Opener

Hey, so we're even now, right? Per Patrick Stevens:

Maryland running back D.J. Adams and offensive lineman Cody Blue will not play in Monday's season opener against Miami because of a violation of team rules. [...]

"D.J. won't be playing in the game against Miami --- he and Cody Blue," Edsall said. "We had a team situation. There was a team issue that was involved. Those two guys won't be available to play against Miami. Once the Miami game is behind us, we'll move forward."

Meh. I'm not happy about Adams' absence, given how poor Miami's defensive line was going to be. Plus, he's swaggeriffic, which would've been great for the whole "Monday night football against The U" thing.

But, ultimately, he's a backup running back. Lord knows Maryland doesn't have much depth there, but Jeremiah Wilson and/or Justus Pickett should fare well enough for the five to ten carries - and that's a max - that they get, so long as Davin Meggett doesn't go down with an injury.

Blue is a reserve offensive line who I don't believe has seen any non-special teams snaps. Not good, but not crippling.

The question I have is whether or not Adams will be back by West Virginia. Based on Edsall's words, it certainly sounds like he will be, which is a good sign. Adams' presence is more important over the course of the season, when he can take goal line carries and give Meggett rest, than it is in a single game.

I guess we'll have to wait until the WVU game to see whatever crazy hairdo Adams is inevitably sporting.