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Maryland Minute - 08.29.11 - More on Olexiy Len and Football Getting Some Love Nationally

We're less than a week away from football! Woo! Start of football + being a little optimistic about this basketball season after the Len signing yesterday = pretty awesome week thus far.

Maryland addresses front court deficiency - Washington Times
Patrick Stevens gives his take on Len.

Recruiting Report: Maryland adds center Olexiy Len to roster - Matt Bracken -
Matt Bracken gives some insights to new Maryland center Olexiy Len.

2011 preseason bowl projections - Stewart Mandel -

Dec. 31 Chick-fil-A: Maryland (ACC No. 2) vs. Mississippi State (SEC No. 5)

This is by far the best projection I've seen for the Terps this year and I don't think it's too far fetched. But don't get TOO excited because Mandel has FSU getting an at-large BCS bid to the sugar bowl, meaning that FSU (not MD) would play Va Tech in the ACC Championship Game and would lose to Tech. Va Tech would get the Orange Bowl bid, FSU would get the first ACC at-large BCS bid since expansion, and MD would get the Chick-fil-A bid. Still good, but he's not predicting ACC Championship good and with FSU as loaded as they are, I think that's about right.

Inside the film room with Randy Edsall
Chick Hernandez gets exclusive access to the Terps' film room with Maryland football coach Randy Edsall. They breakdown some plays from the Spring Game. Very interesting just to see what they look for and to hear Edsall talk about players taking off plays and what went right and what didn't on this particular play (which was the TD pass DOB tossed on the first play of the game).

Tracking the Terps: First-year players in big roles on Terps' depth chart - Jeff Barker -
Jeff Barker takes a look at Maryland's depth chart and points out that many freshman are going to have big roles this year.

Terps depth chart shows backfield changes
Some additional info on the newly released football depth chart.

Terps women set mark with 4th straight shutout -
Brief recap of both Men's and Women's soccer from yesterday. Both won.