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Maryland Back in Contention with DeMatha Forward Jerami Grant?

Image via <a href="" target="new">Nation of Orange</a>.
Image via Nation of Orange.

Back in August, DeMatha small forward Jerami Grant cut Maryland from his list. Now, he's listing the Terps again. Hm. (h/t spideyguy0)

"I just got off the phone with his father, Harvey, and they want to make a decision here in the next week to 10 days," DeMatha coach Mike Jones told "He doesn't want it to go past the first week of September.

Jones said Rutgers, Syracuse, Maryland, Virginia Tech, N.C. State and Oklahoma are in the mix, with Texas having "just" been removed.

Ah, the ol' Texas-Maryland switcheroo. Great news about the timetable, too: the quicker commitments happen, whether it's to Maryland or not, the better for all parties involved.

Honestly, though, the commitment probably won't be to Maryland. He's been though to be a Syracuse lean for quite some time, and Virginia Tech is mentioned with him a lot, too. But I have to say, it's pretty rare to add a school to your list if you're not giving them serious consideration. More trouble than it's worth, y'know?

Frankly, I'd be delighted with a Grant commitment. He's the best local player in the class, which should help keep the "Keep Maryland talent at home" people happy. He's also at a position of need at the 3, a spot where Maryland doesn't really have too many other options - Amile Jefferson and Jake Layman are the only other two, and they're both tough lands.

Most importantly, he's plain good. He was on TV shortly after he cut his list, and he looked impressive playing for Team Takeover against Shaquille Cleare's Houston Defenders. His big flaw has been his inability to consistently involve himself in the offense, but he looked like he answered that, getting to the line something like 10 times in the first quarter. When he's on, he can dominate a game. He has a mid-range game, solid handle, great length, and is very athletic. He may not be Amile Jefferson, but he has great potential with the ability to make an impact right away.

No matter what happens, I guess we'll find out soon.