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Maryland Minute - 08.25.11 - Flashy Unis vs. Conservative Edsall

Not too much going on for Maryland. Just the usual - recovering from and earthquake and prepping for a hurricane. Regular events that happen in Maryland on a yearly basis.

SNYDER: Clothes call - Terps go with variety - Washington Times
Deron Snyder of the Washington Times looks at Edsall's military rules and how they seem to clash with Maryland's new 32 uniform combos. He also points out that whether you like of hate the new unis, people are talking about them and recruits seem to like this trend, so that's what matters most. He also makes the following point about not having the names on the back of the unis:

"If No. 5 equals Danny O'Brien, and Danny O'Brien equals No. 5, then removing either means of identification doesn’t change a thing."

I think that's valid, but I do think it's a little more than that. And I really don't think it's that big a deal, personally. If it doesn't matter that #5 = DOB, it doesn't matter if his name isn't there if you know DOB = #5. It just makes it seem like he's whining about having to look at a chart to see who a player is based on number rather then reading it on the back of a jersey that's probably too far away to read from where you're sitting anyway.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup - Matt Bracken -
As usual, Matt Bracken from the Baltimore Sun gives you his weekly recruiting roundup. Plenty of Terps nuggets in there.

Miami-Maryland season opener shrouded in mystery - Terrapins Insider - The Washington Post
As Ben B. pointed out in an earlier post, what happens with a large number of Miami players will have a profound impact on this game.

Rebroadcast of 8-13-2011 Terp Talk DC–Lefty Interview
Bruce Posner who does a great job hosting his Terp Talk radio show, which I've been a guest on several times, sat down with former Maryland basketball head coach Lefty Driesell. The interview is well worth a listen. h/t to CharlesDriesell for the link.

UVa. football, men's hoops teams struggle while other sports thrive - Washington Times

I'm not going to lie, this brings me much joy.

"The football team at the University of Virginia is reeling from a third consecutive losing season. The men's basketball team is coping with a gut-wrenching defeat that kept it out of the NCAA tournament for the fourth straight year. Scott Stadium is losing fans by the thousands. And perhaps scariest of all, many Virginia fans are running out of patience."