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Maryland Minute 8.25.11: Armwood to GW, Plus More Cleare Reactions

Cross him off the list.
Cross him off the list.

Armwood ends up at George Washington
Wow. I guess Maryland/Turgeon didn't offer him a spot, because if so I would've thought he'd have taken it. Surprising move, particularly if he did have an opening in College Park.

Recruiting Report: Shaquille Cleare 'fell in love with Maryland'
Bracken's story is, as ever, a must-read.

"He has tremendous hands, surprisingly quick feet and bounce, which is one thing with his body that you don’t necessarily expect," Coleman said. "A lot about him reminds me of [Boston Celtics power forward] Glen Davis, Big Baby, in that he has surprising quickness, he can rebound and he really knows how to score. He can step out and hit the 12-to-15 foot jump shot."

I'd take a Big Baby at this point, sure.

Shaquille Cleare commits to Maryland - ESPN
Good, strong words from Aaron Harrison (Sr.) about Shaq.

"I think everybody is sleeping on the kid," said Aaron Harrison, Cleare's coach of the Houston Defenders. "What people don't know is that he's a relentless workout machine. He's not overweight, that's just his size. He's a different kind of animal. People haven't realized that but he is. I can't tell you where his ceiling is at. He's only been playing basketball four years."

If he really has only been playing for four years or so, that's pretty impressive. And, of course, it means his ceiling should be much higher than where it is now.

Maryland at #17 in ESPN's team recruiting rankings
Way too early to mean anything, but it's something. Based on the size of the class, they should be at least top 15, if not top 10, when everything's done.

Telep on Layman, Henderson
Positive about both.

Jake Layman's physical attributes are one thing and his production/measurables are another. Physically, he's long, skilled and playing his best right now. His stats from a 15-game EYBL run were amazingly efficient. If he's a late bloomer like I think he may be, then he's Chandler Parsons on steroids (at both ends of the court). ...

Well that sounds nice. And...

Terry Henderson is a good story. He wasn't tempted to leave his HS and pursue playing with other good players. He plays against weak competition but dominates as he should, takes care of his classwork and exemplifies the kind of character you want your kids around. He likes Maryland and West Virginia. I think he's fiercely loyal to Richmond and to a lesser degree George Mason. He wants to be an engineer and I think he combines academics and ball to make his decision.

Also says that UNC is Nate Britt's "dream school."

Gary Williams is still making bank
He has an annual salary of $400,000 as a "special assistant." Which is okay, I guess, but, uh, why? He's going to be a fundraiser, essentially, but he better be a good one at that price.

Maryland offensive coordinator Gary Crowton promises ‘aggressive’ attack
Still pushing the whole "aggressive" thing. That's a good sign, I'd think, given the offensive talent Maryland has.

Terps' Dorsey set to fill hole left by Torrey Smith
Interesting that Danny speaks specifically of Dorsey.

"He's just the complete package at wide receiver," O'Brien said of Dorsey, a former highly touted recruit, even comparing him to Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Anquan Boldin. "He can go inside and get the tough yards and is just very consistent. But, then again, he's also very explosive and can be both a big-play guy and an intermediate guy."

I will say that, though more experienced, I'm not sure Ronnie Tyler or Quintin McCree were ever going to be Torrey's replacements. Dorsey definitely fits the scheme better.

Former Maryland DT Zach Kerr transfers to N.C. Central
In case you were curious.

Torrey Smith interview during a 5.6 earthquake - YouTube
"I have Maryland pride. ... What's that?" [exit right]