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Oregon of the East: Up-Close Looks at Maryland's 16 New Uniform Combinations

So, you've probably heard, Maryland's released their new football uniforms.The sexy press photos are yet to come out, but I'm sure they're on their way. In the meantime, though, we'll have to make do. That means screen-caps of all the combos, which are past the break. But first, some general thoughts:

The new unis make heavy use of a pattern called "Terraprint", that turtle-shell overlay that's featured on the Maryland website, in the Maryland basketball jerseys, and on the white helmets. UA claims it's taken from a real Diamondback Terrapin. Cool enough, but what's really nice about it is that it's distinctive. Oregon has its wings, and we have our shell.

As for the unis themselves, they're pretty hit-or-miss, with some real nice ones (all-blacks, the Cameron Chism ones) and some real, real ugly ones (most anything with a gold top). The jerseys and pants have as much random piping as anything else these days, something I've never been a fan of, and way too many gradients, particularly in the numbers. That's one of the reasons I like the black jersey so much: the numbers don't have an annoying gradient like the white or red ones do.

And in terms of combinations, I've noticed that the best ones tend to match the top (helmet) and the bottom (pants). It doesn't always work that way, but it definitely seems more aesthetic that way to me. Anyway, let's get on with it. First, here's all 16, in all its blurrypic glory:

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And now, up-close photos/screengrabs of all of the combos:



Modeled by Demetrius Hartsfield, this is what I call the "Classic Redskin Look." Maybe it's just my DC fandom, but it was a personal favorite of mine. Gold pants were great.


Except when paired with a gold shirt, I should say. Too much yellow. But this gives a great view of the flat-black helmets, which to me are a look that combines classy and cool.


Another monochrome look. As Terrapins Insider noted: Kinda looks like Joe Vellano is from Hoth here. Some will like it, most will not. I'm somewhere in-between. A bit too much white, but it might be okay for a game or two to change things up a bit, especially if it's hot and sunny.


The look worn by Danny O will probably become a default of sorts, when the fans get too lazy to vote or the players get tired of mixing it up. It's a conservative look - or as conservative as you can with these.


Kevin Dorsey is modelling one of the more ... out-there looks. It certainly isn't the worst, but I'm not a huge fan of it myself.



Cam Chism's was one of the best of the evening. This one will get heavy rotation, I imagine, and is one of my preferred combos. Not too much happening, but in a good way. Intimidating and cool.


AJ Francis going with an all-white-but-not-as-all-white-as-the-other-all-white. It's a bit less monochrome than the Joe Vellano Hoth one, but not much. Certainly not as nice as the black pants one.



Darin Drakeford with another of my personal favorites. Sticks to heavy use of two colors, and two good, Maryland colors.


RJ Dill here. If there is a single "classic" look in the bunch, it's this one. All-reds with a white helmet. A little plain, but a good combo.


Andrew Gonnella going with the black helmet version of Dill's get-up. Good, a bit more hip and intimidating than the white helmet but not as "classic."



Great, in my mind. Pairing the pants with the helmet really works.


David Mackall can make anything look good, but this is another combo that just plain works. Again: pants paired with helmet.


Quintin McCree again goes with the helmet-pants-same-color look, but the yellow jersey ruins it, as I see it.


Matt Furstenburg - the most awkward model of them all - with a fairly conservative - almost too conservative - look.


Ronnie Tyler returns to the yellow top. Not the worst look out there (ahem, Davin) but not my favorite, either. And the best for last:



A clean look, blah, blah, blah ALL BLACK. Break these out for the big games - like, say, Miami at home on Monday night? Yes, like that.

Of the 16, here's my own rankings:

1. All black
2. Black helmet / white jersey / black pants (Cam Chism)
3. Black helmet / red jersey / black pants (David Mackall
4. White helmet / black jersey / white pants (Trenton Hughes)
5. White helmet / red jersey / white pants (Danny O'Brien
6. White helmet / white jersey / gold pants (Demetrius Hartsfield)
7. Black helmet / black jersey / red pants (Darin Drakeford)
8. White helmet / red jersey / red pants (RJ Dill)
9. Black helmet / red jersey / red pants (Andrew Gonnella)
10. Black helmet / gold jersey / black pants (Quintin McCree)
11. White helmet / white jersey / red pants (Matt Furstenburg)
12. Black helmet / white jersey / white pants (AJ Francis)
13. White helmet / white jersey / white pants (Joe Vellano)
14. Black helmet / black jersey / gold pants (Kevin Dorsey)
15. Black helmet / gold jersey / white pants (Ronnie Tyler)
16. Black helmet / gold jersey / gold pants (Davin Meggett)

1-5 are good for everyday use, and I'm guessing the all-whites of Francis and Vellano will get a game or two and I'm okay with that. But please, please, please, never use the all-gold.