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DC-Area Rapper Wale Gives a Shout-Out to Danny O'Brien on His New Mixtape

DC-based rapper Wale's always been one to shout out Washington-area athletes in his songs (or feature them in his videos), but the Maryland references have been pretty few and far between. Until now. Wale released a new mixtape, The Eleven One Eleven Theory, a few days ago, which featured the song "Barry Sanders," which featured a Danny O'Brien shout-out: "And the way I'm balling, give me a Grammy or Danny O'B."

The music is below. The reference happens at 1:16.

Not as good as old, Mixtape About Nothing (or 100 Miles and Running, for that matter) Wale, but the Danny O reference puts it at the top of my playlist for sure.

And yes, this is totally awesome. Wale is the DC area's favored (sometimes, it seems, only) rapper, and is on the iPods of probably 95% of high-major recruits, especially those from the area. That's sure-fire positive publicity. Work in those brand-new uniforms, which we'll finally get to see on Monday, and Maryland might just become a cool school yet.

Now, can we please get him to Midnight Madness?