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Randy Edsall Had His First Pratice Outburst Today

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Frankly, I'm surprised it took this long:

Edsall started to boil after watching Tony Logan, standing near the end zone, catch a long field goal attempt that came up short. Logan started running the ball back upfield. The offensive players were slow - very slow - to pursue Logan as he ran in the open field.

Edsall lit into his entire team. He then stopped practice, gathered players around him and continued to criticize their overall effort for a few minutes. Among the things Edsall said: "Do it my way! Don't do it your way!"

As far as coaching outbursts go, that one's pretty tame, I'd imagine, particularly for a disciplinarian-type like Edsall. "My way" is a pretty traditional coaching phrase - heck, it was the title of Ralph Friedgen's book (though Fridge wasn't a notorious softy, either). It doesn't mean I like it - "My way or the highway" has a negative connotation these days, and what he yelled sounded a lot like that - but I imagine 9 coaches out of 10 say something like it.

But don't let that make you think Edsall's worries are limited to just that drill. Rockin' Randy isn't pleased with the way practice is going in general, it would seem:

Asked if his concern was over that particular drill or practice issues in general, Edsall replied: "Both."

If it were coming from a more relaxed, upbeat coach, then I'd be worried, but this is exactly what Edsall does and says, so I have no real concerns right now. We'll see their progress with our own eyes soon enough.

Still: we've reached the first milestone of our young relationship, Coach Edsall.

(And yeah yeah yeah, "slow day, huh?", all that jazz.)