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Marlyand Minute 8.18.11 - Leach Awkwardly Interviews Edsall on Radio, Not as Exciting As You'd Think

Mike Leach interviews Randy Edsall - Steinberg
I was hoping for a throwdown. Or at least some kind of confrontation. Alas.

"Are you gonna turn Gary [Crowton] loose and let Gary be as wide open as Gary is inclined to be?" Leach asked about the Terps’ new offensive coordinator.

"No question," Edsall replied. "Gary and I are on the same page. Gary and I worked together at Boston College and that’s why I hired him. I knew what Gary was like as an offensive coordinator, and when he can do the things that he wants to do. I’m all in with that and we’re all on the same page. We’re gonna be wide-open and full-throttle."

"Because that LSU stuff wasn’t Gary Crowton stuff, you know what I mean?" Leach continued.

"Not at all," Edsall agreed. "You’re exactly right."

Well I mean I suppose that's good news, but I was hoping for a bit more ... fireworks.

Still, they hit on quite a bit.

Source: Willful violators clause could apply at Miami
Which means all of the violations dating back to 2002 would count, which means they would overlap with Miami's probation for baseball, which means whatever the NCAA wants to do would be magnified significantly. Death penalty would be on the table in that situation, as they'd officially be a repeat offender.

So, I'm thinking: how badly does this effect the rest of the ACC? I mean, the NCAA won't go death penalty, but what if they go TV ban, or some other heavy sanctions? For a conference already in danger, I'd think some schools would start to market themselves a little more in case Papa SEC or B10 came calling.

Maryland defensive coordinator Todd Bradford breaks down defense - Terrapins Insider
Bradford claims the D isn't yet playing to the tempo he wants them to play at it. That confuses me, because, traditionally, defenses don't play at "tempos" per se - they can't exactly force a slow offense to play faster. Perhaps he meant it in terms of intensity, which he also mentioned.

But it's also said that Maryland will tone down the blitzes a bit after experiencing Brown's "blitz every down" scheme. Perhaps not too eye-opening, but it's the first indication we've had of how Bradford will run his D.

Daniel Dingle Talks Recruiting |
No direct mention of MD. Will take at least official visits, potentially up to five. What's interesting is that two of those officials are taken - Auburn and Arizona. Another two schools are guaranteed to not get them, based on distance - Temple and Seton Hall. So then UMass, Maryland, and Mizzou are all fighting for that third "first" official.

Nate Britt wants to visist Arizona, UNC
Those are the only two he has set up. Obviously a long ways out, but I'm not sure if I like that.

The Marietta Daily Journal - Klemm finding way as member of Maryland’s offensive line
Klemm's hometown paper does a profile of Maryland's backup LT. He'll likely find playing time given some of the injuries along the line.

‘The U’ filmmaker says school’s administration ‘endorsed’ convicted felon Nevin Shapiro - Terrapins Insider
Prisbell, he of "people don't like him" fame, has an admittedly very interesting interview with the director of Miami football documentary The U. Not 100% Maryland-related, but worth a read for sure.

Boost Mobile Announces Coaches, Teams
Most won't care, but: Mitch McGary and Amile Jefferson are on the same team (along with Aquille Carr), and Justin Anderson and the Harrisons will be on the other side, along with Robert Carter. Great. So now I can't root for the Harrisons.

Wild brawl ends Georgetown’s exhibition game in China early - The Dagger
In case you hadn't seen it yet.