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Maryland Minute 8.16.11 - Roundup from Terps' Football Media Day

Danny O'Brien on Manning Award watch list
Joining other ACC quarterbacks like ... oh, wait, he's the only one. DOB rocks.

Crowton bringing new offensive system to Terps
The comparison he uses is Oregon, and the article claims he "installed Oregon's current offense." Both are a bit faulty; while he did bring a spread offense to Oregon, it wasn't really the same as the one Chip Kelly uses now. Kelly perfected the spread, then sped it up by 10. Crowton is a bit more ... normal.

But yes, it's new and it's exciting. He wants to get the ball to the skill position players in space, which makes me think that guys like Tony Logan, Marcus Leak, and Justus Pickett - probably the three most explosive players on the offense - will shine.

Defense must play catch-up to offense - Washington Examiner
Seriously, how weird is that at this juncture? It does bode well for that Miami game when the 'Canes are gonna be missing like 3/4s of their defense.

Tracking the Terps: Notes from Media Day: Freshmen making progress
Edsall singled out Justus Pickett, Brandon Ross, Marcus Leak, and Keith Bowers - the last of which is actually in the two-deep - as those freshman who impressed him early. And, as we've heard earlier, the new uniforms will be unveiled on August 22.

Terps move Avery Graham to Star linebacker spot - WT
The former corner is moving down to back up Kenny Tate at the hybrid STAR spot.

Mike Wise calls this Randy Edsall's "toughest challenge yet"
Which is just another example of why we don't like Mike Wise. Actually, I'm pretty sure taking UConn from D1-AA to D1 was probably tougher than taking over a team that was 9-4 last year and features the best QB in the ACC. Yeah, poor Randy.

Anyway, the read itself is sort of interesting: Edsall's tough guy demeanor is there, but maybe it's not too bad.

FLS - McDougle trying to corner market
Hometown paper look at Dexter McDougle, who's recovering from that scooter accident and expects to challenge fro a starting spot at corner.

Terps Hold Annual Media Day - Quotes from Official Site
Quotes from Edsall, Crowton, Bradford, Meggett, Tate, and Gonnella are all there. Just in case you didn't get enough from everything above.

And now to Miami:

Al Golden didn't know about allegations, Miami did
Or, at least, that's what I gather from it. Miami notified the NCAA, they said, a year ago. When they hired Al Golden in Dec., they didn't tell him he was walking into a ****storm. Classy, guys. Golden said they had a responsibility to tell them if they knew; doesn't sound like he knows that they knew.

Al Golden: "Everybody's practicing"
Until he hears of an infraction from the NCAA. Fair enough, but I'm guessing those infraction notifications are coming.

Frank Haith faces serious NCAA charges from his time at Miami - Luke Winn
Some interesting run-off from the Miami scandal: what happens to Frank Haith at Mizzou now? Hew as implicated, and that's gonna hurt a Missouri program that did a lot worse than it could've with that hiring anyway. I have to say, for cheating, Haith did a pretty crap job.