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Maryland Minute - 08.09.11 - Football Season Begins with First Fall Practice

Sorry that the Maryland Minute has still been a little sporadic. We're trying to work out the posting schedule for it. You should start seeing it with more and more regularity in the coming days...

Maryland football team holds up-tempo first practice under Randy Edsall - The Washington Post
I've been waiting to see this new offense for a while. I spoke to Davin Meggett last week and he said it was crazy and they were running 4 plays every 54 seconds. Should be interesting to see what they do against Miami.

Terps' O'Brien looking to build on strong 2010 - Carroll County Times: Local
Good piece on Danny O'Brien

Maryland's Eric Franklin, Matt Robinson are all business at safety - Washington Times
"Business-like" is a great way to describe Franklin and Robinson. Neither are particularly exciting and both are extremely physical. Unsurprisingly, that appeals to Edsall.

"I like the way they go about their business," coach Randy Edsall said. "They don’t say a whole bunch. They just go about their business. They’re smart, intelligent, they’re workers. I just like their whole approach to the game."

The physicality is a serious bonus. But I'm still worried about the lack of cover they'd provide over the top for the not-so-consistent CBs. -Ben B.

Notes from Jeff Barker: Wait a minute, DJ Adams dyed his hair blonde?
Yeah, that's what I got out of this. I need pictures, like, yesterday.

Running back D.J. Adams, who has dyed his hair blonde, got considerable time at running back behind Meggett. Adams is missing his diamond earring from last year. Edsall has barred earrings, caps and do-rags during football-related activities. Adams said he’ll still sometimes sport the earring – a gift from a friend, he said – away from the field.

He's so baller. Oh, other big news: Quinton Jefferson, a true freshman DE, won't be wit the team this season due a "medical issue." He would've redshirted anyway, so it's not killer, but it would've been great to have him in the program this year. -Ben B.

Quotes from Tuesday's Practice
Pretty basic stuff from Danny, Edsall, Vellano, and Kenny Tate. Best quote was from Davin Meggett, though, saying the highlight of practice was "Jogging off the field." Don't think he meant it that way, but still funny. -Ben B.

Top 50 countdown: No. 35 Maryland Terrapins - NCAA Football - Sporting News
Sporting News has us at #35. I think we should be higher, but that's more respect than a lot of people have been giving us...

Terps' Edsall shrugs off preseason ranking - Carroll County Times: Maryland Terrapins

"I've never really bought into any of that stuff, though," he said. "It just gives us a little bit more incentive to go out and prove people wrong ... I know what we have and know what we can do. Our players know what we have and know what we can do. The only way we can prove anyone wrong, though, is by going out there on the field and taking care of business."

Yeah, any of the pre-season ACC media stuff is kind of bogus for Maryland because, well, there are no members of the ACC writers association from Maryland. Because that's fair...oh wait.

Twymond Howard doesn't mention Maryland
Eh. Cross him off the list. -Ben B.

Recruiting Report: Sam Cassell Jr. emerges as 'a high-major talent'
Maryland will be monitoring.

Several high-major programs are now involved with Cassell, including Arkansas, Butler, Clemson, Florida State, Maryland, Missouri, South Florida, TCU, Villanova and Washington. Being recruited by the Terps and Wildcats, in particular, was unexpected.


"The thing I really like is [that the Terps] have a new coach," Cassell said. "I’m looking forward to watching this year, the offense they run and all that stuff. The fan base that they have, I love schools that have a lot of fans [like Maryland]."

I now have a new dream: Steve Francis, Sam Cassell, and Allen Iverson - the cousin of Maryland 2013 target Kuran Iverson - attend a game. The same game. -Ben B.

Kenner League Highlight Reel - The Mars Reel
I'm a Kenner League hater, but hey, Nick Faust, James Gist, Greivis Vasquez, and Terrell Stoglin saw fit to suit up. Berend Weijs, too! Worth a look. Thanks, tw10. -Ben B.

Maryland Men's Soccer #4 in NSCAA Preseason Poll
Behind Louisville at #1, Akron at #2, and UNC at #3. I'm surprised they're that high, given the losses of MacMath, Kassel, and Herrick. Although I guess there are really only so many traditionally elite men's soccer programs: us, Akron, UNC, UCLA, Cal, Indiana, Boston College ... and that's pretty much it. -Ben B.