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Maryland Lands 12th Commitment, Pennsylvania TE P.J. Gallo

905694m_mediumBasketball recruiting rules the roost still (new Mitch McGary interview!), but recruiting for the oblong ball is in peak season, too. Case in point: Maryland just got another commitment, this time from P.J. Gallo, a Pennsylvania tight end. The word comes from Scout; if you don't have a subscription, it's just a teaser, but that's enough. (h/t to terps4eva getting this in the FanPosts)

For those of you unsettled about the current stars/offers make-up of the 2012 class - and I'm not saying you're wrong in that - Gallo should ease some of your concerns. He's a three-star across the board, with offers from UConn, N.C. State, Pitt, West Virginia, and UNC. That résumé should be enough for everyone.

As for why he has all that: he has solid, though not entirely outstanding, size at 6-4, 225, and enough versatility to move over to DE if Maryland needs him to. Maryland really needs a TE in this class, though, so I expect he'll stay there. Luckily, he has a YouTube highlight reel, so all us armchair scouts can pretend to know what we're talking about (warning: quality is not very good):

The quality is really rather rough and makes it a kind of tough to tell what's going on at times, but he can obviously be utilized in the passing game well enough and is actually a little quicker than I would've guessed. He's not a physical beast and there's not a ton of flash in his game, but he has a nice motor and he puts himself in some plays that other players might just give up on. Sounds like an Edsall type of guy.