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Terp-Centric Super Showcase Roundup: Harrison Twins Have Top 5

The games of the evening happened to overshadow this perhaps more important basketball recruiting news: it would appear that Maryland is in the top 5 for Andrew and Aaron Harrison, twin guards in the 2013 class and two of the best players in the country:

In terms of recruiting, there is a top five for both: Villanova, Baylor, Kentucky, Maryland and Texas. Aaron also mentioned interest from Georgetown, Arizona, Kansas and North Carolina, while Andrew said Georgetown, Texas A&M and Kansas were in pursuit.

The twins plan to visit Villanova, Kentucky, Baylor and Maryland in the coming weeks.

"There's six or seven schools they told me they want to go back and see, and talk to them," Harrison Sr. said.

One school Harrison Sr. named in particular was Kentucky. "[John Calipari] has made them a priority," he said.

That's plenty of stiff competition, and it's interesting, and not entirely encouraging, about Cal's "priority" comment and that they're adding schools with "interest" as opposed to just cutting their list. But hey, gotta start somewhere.

And hey, this is a pretty killer quote from Aaron:

Top #terps prospect Aaron Harrison: "I’m pretty sure I know who it’s going to be."less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Well, that's nice. If they already know where they're going, there's a very limited number of schools it could be. Kentucky is, unfortunately, one for sure. Kansas, as well, although they aren't on the short list and thus ruled out. Texas, perhaps, as well. And Maryland, of course, a school they've already been to and know well that was supposedly one of the early frontrunners. But that's about it, and those are odds you have to like.

Plus, it's always a bonus when recruitments are done quickly: either they land at Maryland and have a large domino effect on the rest of the class, or they don't and leave plenty of time for Maryland to get back on recruiting Nate Britt. Win-win.

Speaking of highly-regarded prospects whom Maryland is recruiting hard, let's look at a new Mitch McGary highlight reel. Six glorious minutes of action from the Super Showcase, and hey, even no bad hip-hop to ruin it. Time to dream:

That motor truly is as good as advertised.