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Kenny Tate Makes All-ACC Preseason Team, Joe Vellano Criminally Left Off

If you were like me and weren't pleased with the ACC media's preseason poll, you probably won't be any happier with their preseason All-ACC teams. Released earlier today, only one Maryland player, linebacker Kenny Tate, was present. QB Danny O'Brien and DT Joe Vellano, both of which had legitimate arguments to be included, could both be considered "snubs", if we keep going with the "Carolina media ignores teams north of NC" meme.

E.J. Manuel, who was listed over O'Brien, is pretty much living off his high school hype, which I guess is understandable, though I was hoping the media would have more faith in O'Brien after his great freshman year. Manuel, when called upon, has done well enough, and it's inarguable that he has more talent around him. I can understand it.

But, uh, I don't quite get the Vellano exclusion. It's highway robbery. Brandon Thompson of Clemson and Tydreke Powell of UNC made it over Vellano. Here's something interesting: Vellano had more tackles than both, more TFL than both, and more sacks than both. Oh, and he actually had more sacks than both of them combined and the same number of TFL as the two of them combined. I'd be intrigued to see how media members justified that other than "they go to Carolina schools."

Oh, well. All that matters is the wins and losses, I suppose. Still: silly media members.