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PSA: Harrisons, Cleare, Layman, and More Maryland Targets on ESPNU, ESPN3 Today

In technicolor!
In technicolor!

[Note by Ben Broman, 07/27/11 4:57 PM EDT: The title game is set: the Harrison twins and Houston Defenders against Jake Layman (actually, Nerlens Noel) and BABC on ESPNU and ESPN3 at 7:00. Be here.]

The AAU Super Showcase is down to its final rounds, with only four teams remaining. Three of those teams - the Houston Defenders, BABC, and Team Takeover - have Maryland targets. And hey, ESPN is airing all the games!

Unfortunately, they don't show the order in which the games will be aired, so we'll have to wing in that regard. But the first game tips off at noon and will be shown on Then there's a game at 3:00, also on (Interestingly enough, they're also showing the Silver bracket championship at 5:00, but unless you're really keen on AAU basketball or have an interest in Riverside Hawks or All-Ohio Purple, you might want to steer clear).

And then there's the main event, the championship game - which, by the way, is guaranteed to contain at least one Maryland target - which is at 7:00 on ESPNU, though it'll also be aired on for those of you who don't get the U (like me, now).

If you're not a huge recruitnik but still want to watch: keep an eye out for essentially anyone on Houston Defenders (but particularly the Harrisons (#2 and #5) and Shaquille Cleare (#34)), Jake Layman (#12) on BABC, and Arnaud Adala Moto (#5) and perhaps Jerami Grant (#22) on Team Takeover.

Frankly, I'm particularly excited to see the Harrisons play. Their game doesn't lend itself as well to highlight reels as some others do, but that doesn't make them any less dominant. Despite being surrounded by talent, they can take games over.

Open thread for the day's events here. Updates from action elsewhere, like Vegas or the Nationals portion of the event, is welcome.