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Terrapins Rising Releases Flashy New Trailer, Promises to Rescue You From Summer Doldrums

Troubled by the finances situation? Depressed by the fact that Shaquille Cleare isn't officially a Terp yet? The Maryland football team, Jess Atkinson, and CSN would like to take all that off your mind with a new trailer for the fifth season of their yearly behind-the-scenes reality show/documentary of Maryland's spring practice, Terrapins Rising.

Included: gratuitous operatic music, some awesome UA American flag gloves, a nifty one-armed grab by Ronnie Tyler, Kenny Tate knocking out Dave Stinebaugh, and of course Danny O'Brien's winning smile. [h/t to brianblack]

[if video does not embed, watch it here]

Terrapins Rising is always a moderately entertaining little diversion, and it sometimes reveals some interesting things about the team, like Jamarr Robinson's troubles with the playbook or the story behind Jeremy Ricker's transfer. Very rarely is it useful for any more than that: cue up James Franklin's "National Championship" and "Fastest team I ever coached" speeches.

Still ... can't wait.