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Stefon Diggs' Mom Really Likes Randy Edsall; Diggs Likes Maryland, Five Others

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Randy Edsall isn't the traditional recruiter's coach. A Coughlinesque hardass with a crew cut who bans hats, he's not really the John Calipari of football. But his sense of responsibility and care for his players does appeal to parents. Like, for instance, five-star athlete Stefon Diggs' mom [emphasis mine]:

"I know Maryland is right up there [with] Florida, Auburn, Virginia Tech, Miami and South Carolina," Milloy said. "Those are the ones I keep hearing. South Carolina a little higher up than Miami, his mother likes [Gamecocks Coach Steve] Spurrier. But I think she likes [Maryland Coach Randy] Edsall best of all. That might win out over all, you know."

If you're thinking "Yeah, right," well, you're probably right, but not definitely. Harrison Barnes was reportedly heavily influenced by his mother's preference for UNC; same goes with Austin Rivers' pops' affinity for Duke. And this might be an Edsall specialty: Noah Spence, a five-star DE from Pennsylvania, is high on Maryland, and the Terps are supposedly the dad's favorite in that recruitment, too.

But back on target: Maryland is a longshot for Diggs, a high-octane athlete who could end up at WR, CB, S, or RB, depending on his preference and the school he ends up at. With a list like Florida, Auburn, VT, Miami, and South Carolina, you obviously shouldn't be expecting anything. Especially for someone who's already been seen throwing up the U with his teammate and fellow Terp target, Wes Brown.

Maryland does have some pull here: they're the home school, they're trendy (thanks, Under Armour), they have a commitment from his Good Counsel teammate Mike Madaras, and, well, mom likes them. So who knows? Maybe they have a fighting shot in it. For five-star athletes with insane offers, I'm not sure if you can ask for too much more than that.

Edsall's supposed recruiting deficiencies aside, if he can win over the parents of major recruits, he'll end up with a pretty decent haul each year.