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Harrison Twins to Visit College Park, and Nate Britt Garners Maryland Offer, Too

Wow, talk about choices at the guard spot. It looks like Maryland is in at least decent shape with probably the two top point guards in the class, and perhaps the best in the country right now regardless of class.

Local Nate Britt, who had a breakout performance at the NBAPA, was told by Mark Turgeon that the Terrapins' new coach wanted to see him in action before handing out an offer. He got to watch him at the adidas Invitational in the open period, and it would appear he liked what he saw. Per Josh Barr:

Finally, on Sunday, Turgeon called Nate Britt Sr. on Sunday and formally offered the younger Britt a scholarship.

"He wanted to make it clear that he wanted Nate, that was his guy," Nate Britt Sr. said. "Of course, they have the [Harrison] twins and they're recruiting those guys also, but he made it clear he wanted Nate to come to Maryland. He wanted to make sure we understood that. I had it clear."

And about those Harrisons ... InsideMDSports says they'll be visiting Maryland. Which, the older of you may remember, would be the second time they did so.

2013 PG Andrew Harrison, the No. 7 player in his class, will visit Maryland again w/his twin brother Aaron. #terps

I suppose there are two ways to look at this. The optimist view: choices, choices. The pessimist view: you know this means we'll lose out on both, right?

Turgeon seemed to try to make it clear that Britt was his guy, which I imagine the Harrisons won't take too kindly too, though I'm sure he's assuring them the same. Perhaps he can pull off recruiting them both and just taking whichever likes Maryland; sometimes with highly-ranked players, though, that doesn't work. One will likely take precedence over the other at some point. Keep in mind, too, that Maryland is just starting to forge connections with both of these high-producing AAU teams; keeping up good relations is paramount.

Of course, from a fan perspective, there's not really a losing situation, so long as Maryland can grab one of the two (three?). It'll be a rollercoaster of a recruiting season for 2013, that's for sure.