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Introducing "Rockin' Randy," the New Edsall-Themed Ice Cream

Um, what?

Yes, that's right, you too can now eat Rockin' Randy, marketed as "Coach Edsall's Favorite New Ice Cream." It's "coming soon" to The Dairy (for those fans/readers who didn't go to Maryland, the campus ice cream joint).

It appears to be vanilla chocolate chip, with some type of filling that's too blurry to make out. Looks like there's some caramel in there to me, but that's just a guess. I can't quite decide if I'm repulsed or intrigued by the idea of eating Randy-centric ice cream. Maybe a little of both. It'll probably depend on how many games he wins.

Have to give him some credit, as weird as it sounds - at least he's getting involved, kind of like what Pat Chambers is doing up at Penn St. Maryland isn't a football school, so he has to market both the team and himself. And he is.

Maybe they should throw in a free pint or two of it for all of those new season ticket holders. Might boost sales even more. Also, for on-campus readers, please order and report back as to the quality of Edsall's creamy concoction.