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Good News: Maryland Hosting Top-5 Big Man Mitch McGary for Visit

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If there was any legitimate home-run prospect in the 2012 class that Maryland even had an outside shot with, it's Mitch McGary. The 6-11 big man who plays for Brewster Prep in New Hampshire, by way of Indiana, absolutely exploded this spring, jumping into ESPN's and Rivals' top 5. He was a Maryland target before his explosion, and shortly afterwards claimed Maryland in his top four.

Then Gary Williams retired, McGary got even more hype, and everyone kind of stopped obsessing over him (with reason). Let the obsession begin anew:

The expected early summer visit from top-10 big man Mitch McGary took place today. #Terps are in the mix more than some may think.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


Hearing from people with knowledge of the situation that Mitch McGary was in College Park today visiting Maryland...less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


Um, yes please.

Now, this doesn't change too much. McGary is a legitimate top 5 prospect with no ties to the area. He has legitimate interest from every big-hitting school in the country. Mathematically, every school on his list is a longshot, especially Maryland, if only because they have no track record of landing McGary-type kids.

But if you were worried about writing him off entirely - something that I was giving very serious consideration just a few days ago, incidentally - this should probably quell that.