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Testudo Times 2012 Football and Basketball Recruiting Big Boards

If you were around here last year, you might remember that there were recruiting big boards for the 2011 recruiting season in both football and basketball. Well, they're making a return for the 2012 season, and they're better than ever. (Which, really, only means they're better than last year, but whatever.)

The basic layout is the same as last year's, with a bunch of players that Maryland is targeting in both sports and info on them. The biggest addition comes in the way you can browse it; at the top of each database are two indexes, for both rankings and positions. If you want to see a power forward Maryland is targeting, there's a list of them; just click the name and it drops you down to the recruit. (And, as a bonus, you can click the grey title above each table to hide the indexes if you want. CSS magician right here.)

If, like most red-blooded Terps fans, you're a basketball recruitnik, check out the basketball recruiting big board here. Meanwhile, the football recruiting big board is here. As a warning, the football one is pretty tough to manage - hundreds of recruits get offered each year, and it's impossible (or at least way too time-consuming) to follow all of them. So the ones there are either the best or the most attainable - or, really, some combo of the two. The basketball board is a little more comprehensive.

For the record, I've seen some of these guys play, and I haven't seen others. The descriptions for the ones I haven't seen are summaries from a variety of sources; take everything with a small grain of salt.

And, if you want, you can always access the big boards - which will be updated semi-consistently - in a widget on the left-hand sidebar.

Thoughts? Opinions? Players you totally want to land?