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2011 NBA Draft: Former Terp Jordan Williams Goes in Second Round to NJ Nets

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Well, that's finally settled. Jordan Williams didn't get into the first round of the NBA Draft, but he wasn't too far away from it. Williams, who left Maryland early to enter the draft, was selected with the 6th pick of the second round, 36th overall, by the New Jersey (Brooklyn?) Nets. The second-round selection means that he doesn't have a guaranteed contract, but he could've done a lot worse than a high second-round selection.

He joins a team in need of front-court talent to put next to super-stud Brooks Lopez. I don't follow the NBA, but I'm still pretty sure that Dan Gadzuric is one of those guys who gets rated like 54 or something in 2k. Johan Petro, too. And hey, Brandan Wright is on the roster too. I always wondered what happened to him. Jordan should probably make the roster right away, and has a decent chance to see minutes.

The "Did he make the right decision?" debate will rage on ad infinitum, or at least people will keep bringing up that he made a bad decision. Most Terp fans seem to think that's the case, though I still disagree.

Whatever. At this point, it really doesn't matter. Best of luck goes to Jordan, and congrats to him on the day. I'll always wish he came back and wonder "what if," especially if Maryland is decent next year, but the past is the past.