Future football games at M&T?

Saw this today in a Baltimore Sun article about the U2 concert coming to town this week:

In addition, Frenz said the stadium will host a number of college football games in the next five years. Maryland will play West Virginia in 2013 and Virginia Tech in 2014. M&T gets the Army-Navy game in 2014 and 2016, and Navy will play Ohio State here in 2014.

Did anyone know that playing WVU and VT in Baltimore was in the works at all? I like the idea of playing more games in Baltimore, because our fan base is more centrally located in Baltimore than DC, meaning more people are likely to come to the game, especially against a key regional rival. But you'd think we would also like to be able to play those big games at Byrd for a real college, home game atmosphere. I guess it has its positives and negatives.,0,1883329,full.story

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