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John Tillman to (Unsurprisingly) Stay at Maryland Despite Navy Interest

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Yesterday, news leaked out that Navy was looking at hiring former Midshipmen assistant and current Maryland men's lacrosse coach John Tillman. Nevermind that Maryland is one of the elite jobs in coaching and could outpay Navy; apparently this was under serious consideration.

Not surprisingly, Tillman won't be going to Annapolis, per the WaPo:

Maryland men's lacrosse coach John Tillman is remaining at the school, two sources familiar with the situation said on Thursday. The news comes after a report in the Baltimore Sun said Navy was interested in talking to Tillman about its head coaching vacancy, but had not sought the permission of Maryland to do so.

That's no real surprise given the salary Tillman is making and Navy's comparative lack of resources. Maryland's a well-paying, very good lacrosse job with a high ceiling. Navy has a great location, but it's a tougher sell recruiting. the Terps were just in the championship game, of course, and turning your back on that after just one season is a tough call.

But notice that the WaPo didn't say which side pulled out. Not that it matters, of course, but it's intriguing; perhaps if Navy could've paid the buyout and a comparable contract he would've bitten. Regardless, they couldn't, so Maryland has no worries.

Tillman's first year was a fantastic one for Maryland, which almost got off the nearly-four-decade-long championship absence. He's already proven that the's a better big-game coach than Dave Cottle, and his reputation as a recruiter from Harvard is stellar. Losing him, especially to a local rival that's of a lower class, would've been tough to swallow.