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SB Nation Conference Re-Draft

If Gary was the one going up to the podium to announce picks, you know he'd chose Maryland #1...
If Gary was the one going up to the podium to announce picks, you know he'd chose Maryland #1...

So remember over the last year when we and several others around the nation have debated about where Maryland ranks as an athletic program? Well, now we're getting the chance to find out what other bloggers across SB Nation think of the University of Maryland.

Since this time of year is mostly a dead time for college sports, our friends at BC Interruption organized with all of the college bloggers and decided to do a conference re-draft. Six bloggers were chosen to draft their own conferences. They can draft whoever they want for whatever reason. Do you want a conference with big revenues, then draft Texas. Do you want your conference to be the best competitive cheer conference out there? Then look no further than Maryland and Oregon. Here are the rules of the re-draft...

1 The six conference commissioners stat with a blank slate, in other words, the school they're affiliated with isn't part of the conference unless they draft said school.

2. Things that can be considered, aside from athletics, include: Academics, Co-eds, Weather/Desirability of Destination, Historic Success, Tradition, TV Revenue Potential, Ethics, Rivalries (two teams).

3. There are going to be six conferences and those six conferences can select and school they chose but the purpose is to create new conferences, not to add to or modify existing ones.

4. Travel/location feasibility aren't to be considered. So Maryland and Oregon could be in the same conference and have yearly UA vs. Nike battles. Also, preservation of current conference history/rivalries shouldn't considered, even if individual rivalries can be considered. 

Who gets to draft these super conferences? I'm glad you asked...

There will be six conference commissioners:

BC Interruption (Boston College)

House of Sparky (Arizona State) 

Big East Coast Bias (Big East)

Black Heart Gold Pants (Iowa)

Team Speed Kills (SEC)

Red Cup Rebellion (Ole Miss).

The complete draft order, which will utilize a "snake" format, is as follows:

1. BC Interruption
2. Black Heart Gold Pants
3. Team Speed Kills
4. Big East Coast Bias
5. House of Sparky
6. Red Cup Rebellion

The draft is officially being run by the Oklahoma State Cowboys blog Cowboys Ride For Free, and they have the final say in the matter in any and all disputes.

The draft will begin on Monday, June 13th. Once BC selects their school (which was Texas, btw), they'll consult with the Texas blogger about who to draft with their next pick. By Friday of next week, each conference will have 2 schools and will work on naming their new conference. Conferences keep drafting until they reach the number of teams they want. If you want a 20 school mega-conference, just keep drafting. If you want to stop at 9, you can do that as well.

On final note - when you draft a school you draft everything that goes with it (I.E. if you take Duke, you get Duke football too.

What do you all think? Good idea? Bad idea? In what round do you think Maryland will get that call that they've been drafted?

Should be interesting...