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Maryland Minute - 05.31.11 - More on Lacrosse Loss & New Maryland Branding

Courtesy of CSN and Dan Steinberg
Courtesy of CSN and Dan Steinberg

Ugh. That loss to UVA still stings. I really thought this was the year we ended that stupid streak. Oh well.

2nd little consolation for Terps • Sports ( - The Capital)
I know Brian Farrell and his family. I know how badly he wanted to win this game, especially since his Dad was on the last team that won a title. Ugh.

Maryland launching new word marks for 2011-2012 - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
Remember when Kevin Anderson discussed using "Maryland" more for branding purposes? Well, here is your first look at what that "Maryland" brand will look like. Can't wait to see the new football unis!

Football Captains Announced
Davin Meggett, Andrew Gonnella, Kenny Tate, and Joe Vellano. None are particularly surprising, but I have to say that I expected Danny O'Brien to be on there.

Rush The Court " Blog Archive " Best Dressed: 1995-2004 Maryland Terrapins
Great, great piece looking at some of the best CBB uniforms. I love the 1995-2004 unis. They're definitely my favorite. And the new gold unis are close behind.

Four more dormant non-league rivalries worth resuscitating - The Dagger - NCAAB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
The Dagger thinks Georgetown-MD is the top rivalry in need of revival. I think we all agree.

COLUMN: Integrity of Gary Williams rare in today's sports world - Cecil Whig: Sports
Why is Gary Williams being compared to Jim Tressel? Check it out. Don't worry, It's in a good way.

Ohio State’s Jim Tressel gets axed, but rotting wood remains in college athletics - The Washington Post
How does MD basketball relate to Jim Tressel and Ohio State? Feinstein thinks the Bob Wade debacle is equilivant to what is going on at OSU and that they deserve a similar punishment. He also says 99% of people care about their teams winning, not about GPA and grades.