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Maryland Coaching Search: Mark Turgeon Heading Back to Texas A&M, No Deal Done, No Team Meeting Scheduled [Update: "Really Wrestling" With the Decision]

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Mark Turgeon was almost certainly on Maryland's campus earlier today. But now he's not there. Chick Hernandez said he was going to talk to his team tonight, and others have said the same. But Billy Luicci, who's done a really good job of this all day long, has some new, slightly differing info on the situation:

As of 5:20, no word to A&M from Turgeon or Maryland...Turge has been up front w/Byrne throughout process and BB would be first call MT madeMon May 09 22:35:11 via Twitter for Android

...and no team meeting scheduled for tonightMon May 09 22:35:40 via Twitter for Android


That second tweet is what's really telling, at least to me, if it's accurate. Everyone assumed he was heading back so he could tell his team he wasn't going to be there next year. If that's not the case, then why head back?

Well, there are actually a bunch of legitimate reasons to head back. Like, for instance, "to sleep on it." He's a Midwest lifer who's lived in the Plains almost his entire life; it's reasonable to want to make sure this is what he wants. The problem is that coaching searches aren't always reasonable, and this may present an opportunity for Pappa Byrne to deliver another dagger. Or for Turgeon to back out.

Or it's inaccurate. Or he wants to sleep on it and decides to come. This is way too fuzzy to decipher anything strong out of it, but no contract signed yet isn't good. I still think this one gets done, but it ain't a done deal.

UPDATE 8:01: A popular theory was that Turgeon was on a plane and thus couldn't have told anyone that he was taking the Maryland job, nor could he schedule a team meeting. Well, it's 7:00 over there and still no one has heard anything.

UPDATE 8:35: This just in from Liucci:

Turgeon in Maryland this morning, back in College Station this afternoon. Wasn't at Reed and I'm hearing he is 'really wrestling' w/decisionTue May 10 00:27:24 via Twitter for Android


Then this from Brent Zwerneman:

REED ARENA -- According to an insider very close to the situation, Turgeon is still 'juggling some things' and hasn't made up his mind #mysaTue May 10 00:35:14 via web


This can't be real, can it? Turgeon can't turn this job down, right? It has to be posturing. At least, I hope. If he says no, I'm not sure where that leaves Maryland.