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Maryland Coaching Search: Not a Lot of News, But Turgeon's Not at Work Today [UPDATE: Turgeon Offered, Not Decided?]

It's mostly quiet on the College Park front today. I just got home to find that...there was no news to speak of. It was jarring, and kind of boring.

Right now, it seems Maryland's either in a holding pattern (by which I mean exploring candidates and testing interest) or moving in on Mark Turgeon for good.

I have no idea which it is, but here's one indication that the latter might be more accurate: Turgeon hasn't shown up for work today.

Here's the latest from Reed Arena, where I've spent this morning: Coach Mark Turgeon isn't here. And those who are say they have no idea where he is.

What everyone agrees upon is that Turgeon took a short family vacation - word here is that was to Pennsylvania - this past weekend, and was scheduled to arrive late Sunday night. Multiple insiders here at Reed expected him here this morning, but he hasn't shown.

Maybe he took a little detour in College Park on his way back to College Station. Or, of course, maybe he claims his flight got delayed and "there was no meeting" if he doesn't end up the guy. Who knows anymore.

By the way, doesn't this seem an oddly Edsallian move?

UPDATE 3:47: A TAMU fella says that their AD, Bill Byrne, hasn't been seen, either, leading him to believe that the two may be having a meeting.

UPDATE 4:05: Jeff Goodman is saying that Turgeon has been offered but has made no decision about whether or not to accept.