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Maryland Coaching Search: Assorted Links on Turgeon, Search Committee, and More

Even Mark Turgeon just wants it to be over. Can it please just be over?
Even Mark Turgeon just wants it to be over. Can it please just be over?

I was going to do a Maryland Minute tonight. Unfortunately, there's, uh, no news out there besides coaching stuff. So I guess we'll just talk some more about that. Cuz, you know, we just haven't beaten it into the ground yet.

We'll start off with Mark Turgeon, the most recent supposed flirt. I've been a Turgeon fan for awhile, but his hiring would induce happathy for me - I'd be fine with it, but not particularly excited. However, maybe Turgeon isn't quite as high up on the list - or doesn't like Maryland - as much as some think. A TAMU beat writer says that folks on the A&M side would be "surprised" if he left, though they wouldn't be completely shocked. For the record, he's been on a family vacation, so it's doubtful that anything serious has already happened.

Now, this might mean that Maryland is passing on Turgeon, not the other way around - I think we're starting to get a little too turned-down happy. Either way, it doesn't sound like Turgeon is a done deal, and I don't think he ever was. If I have to guess a candidate right now, I'm taking him, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it be anyone else, either.

As for how long it might take the deal to get done, the Post says that Kevin Anderson and Wallace Loh are meeting tomorrow to create a search committee of sorts. This might be complete baloney, or it might indicate that this is going to take a few more days. The longer it takes, the worse it is for everyone involved, but it'll be worth it if they get the right guy.

Jeff Barker has an interesting candidate/comedic relief: former Maryland star John Lucas. Lucas apparently wants the job, and he has been a coach before (for three different NBA teams). He was average at best at all three, though, and at 57 he's starting to get a little old. And, well, he's never been a college coach, either. It's fun to think about and would be awesome if it worked, but it's a little too out there. I don't think the interest will be reciprocated, but that's just me.

And, lastly, here's a piece from the Chicago Tribune on Maryland's search. It looks like they took a columnist from each of the Tribune papers - Chicago Tribune, BSun, Orlando Sentinel, and LA Times - and asked their opinion on who Maryland should've hired. It's already outdated - one guy says Mike Brey - but the suggestion of Mark Few is interesting. Few is a Gonzaga institution and a West Coast lifer, but Maryland would present an interesting opportunity for him. Not one that he'd take, mind you, but it'd be interesting if nothing else.

Unfortunately, tonight is a Sunday, meaning tomorrow is a Monday, meaning it's a week night, meaning I can't stay up until the wee hours of the morning just in case Kevin Anderson offers the job to Curtis Malone or something. So good night, and godspeed.