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Maryland Coaching Search: Turns Out Mike Brey Might Not Want the Job Either

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My reaction: "If true, what the **** is happening?"

Apparently Andy Katz was on ESPN Radio claiming that Brey wasn't interested in Maryland. Not the other way around, mind you - Brey didn't want Maryland. Maryland's plan C didn't want the job.

Seth Davis, who was right about Miller and said he'd be be surprised if Brey took the job, is saying that that "interest" is more one-sided...on Maryland's side. He also says he'd still be surprised if Brey ended up at Maryland.

Now we see reports of "mutual interest" bt Maryland and Mike Brey. Sounds more one sided to me. I would be stunned if he took it.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

And now Goodman is saying that Brey is texting news outlets saying he's going to stay at ND. This gibes with something mentioned in the comments.

Mike Brey texted a few media outlets that there are no meetings scheduled between he and Maryland. Still expects to sign extension at ND.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply


For the record, it's still technically possible that Brey is playing ND as hard as Miller played MD. Maybe he's just trying to get Anderson to offer more money. Or maybe Maryland said no and this is Brey's way of saving face. Or something like that.

And considering some of these sources were saying the exact opposite things just minutes ago, I'd stay wary. I told you to not buy it then and I'm telling you to not buy it now.

At this point, if there hasn't been a press conference, don't take anything for fact.