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Maryland Coaching Search: Brad Stevens Surprises No One, Turns Down Maryland; Brey Next Up?


Well, this shouldn't come as any surprise, but the "next in line" after Sean Miller for Maryland's open coaching vacancy has already turned down the Terps, if you believe* FOX Sport's Jeff Goodman.

Brad Stevens has spurned interest from Maryland, sources told Now it appears as though Mike Brey is next on the list.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply


*I still do. He's been right about too much to be discounted now. But you're probably smart if you hedge your bets from here on out if anything is based on "sources."

This is kind of a "no duh" moment. Stevens might've had interest awhile ago, but after what just transpired there's no surprise that he isn't interested anymore. The good news is that happened on an early Sunday morning, which keeps it mostly out of the news cycle. It also means there wasn't much time wasted calling him, putting them in good position to act on Plan C.

Who is apparently Mike Brey. Remember that the WaPo said Brey and Anderson already had a meeting set up, so I'm guessing he's clearly the next choice. Maryland could do worse, for sure, but he isn't transforming a stagnant program into a great one. He's had one three great years at ND in terms of the regular season, and all of them ended in a first- or second-round exit. I love his offensive philosophy and his ties to the area, but he's not a spectacular name and hasn't done a great job at Notre Dame.

The next question: would he take the job? I would think so, but he's supposedly looking at an extension. Seth Davis, who isn't right about much but nailed the Miller thing, said he'd be even more surprised if Brey took the job than Miller. Considering Miller didn't take the job...that's a bad sign.

Getting turned down by Mike Brey sends this search into massive cluster**** levels. What's up, basketball version of Derek Dooley?