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Maryland Coaching Search: Brad Stevens, Mike Brey Look Like Next in Line

Please, God.
Please, God.

I already got up my list of potential candidates. One of the names on the list was Brad Stevens, and it was the only one that I seemed relatively positive about (because he's the only one I'm relatively positive about after that debacle). So here's a bit of good news: both Andy Katz and Jeff Goodman are saying that Stevens is the next guy that Maryland's going to try.

From Katz:

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Anderson is next likely target will be Butler's Brad Stevens, who is fresh off consecutive national championship game appearances. Stevens was wooed a year ago, notably by Oregon, and decided to stay put in his native Indiana. If Stevens can't be dislodged then Maryland native Mike Brey of Notre Dame and then Texas A&M's Mark Turgeon are expected to be next on the list.

And from Goodman: 

Sources told that Maryland AD Kevin Anderson may target Butler's Brad Stevens next.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply


The good news is that Stevens is the only guy who could come in and not be compared negatively to Miller. The bad news is that, well, he's probably not exactly likely. That makes this very risky - if Maryland continues to get turned down, the position will start looking more and more like a joke. You know what happens then, right? You hire Mark Gottfried and Derek Dooley.

The WaPo is saying different, however, and think Brey is the next guy to get it. Frankly, I trust Goodman and Katz over the Post, but I don't trust anyone anymore. If you need it to make sense, then you could assume that they're setting up with Brey already in case Stevens has a quick "no," as Brey was also mentioned by Katz.

The third name Katz mentions is Mark Turgeon, from Texas A&M. I mentioned Turgeon in the first post. He's a small name but a good coach. He was at Wichita St. before taking over at TAMU and succeeding at a difficult place to succeed. He's not going to blow anyone away, but then again neither is Brey.

More coming soon. Stay here, because I'm going to be posting through the night. Lots of stuff to get up.