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Meet Sean Miller, Childhood Ballhandling Sensation and TV Star

Maryland is deep in negotiations with Arizona's Sean Miller for their head coaching vacancy. But you already knew that. And you probably already knew that he's a great recruiter and a great coach. What you might not have already known is his special, secret skill: back when Miller was an adolescent, he was a basketball ballhandling prodigy.

How much of a prodigy, you ask? Well, he was on ESPN when he was 12. And he was on the Johnny Carson Show - the Johnny Carson Show! - when he was just 14. But don't take my word for it. We have video evidence, both of his amazing dribbling ability and awesome western Pennsylvania accent.

My head is nearly exploding from the awesomeness of it. I wonder if he still has those skills.

Anyway, still no word. But you can just watch those on repeat for a half hour or so and you'll probably feel better. I just broke out the Red Bull, so I'm in this one for the long run.