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Miller Decision Expected Within 24 Hours; Anderson Also Meeting With Jamie Dixon [Update: Dixon Not a Candidate]

What is going on?!
What is going on?!

UPDATE 6:11: It looks like Dixon isn't a candidate after all. He has removed himself from consideration. Looks like it was just a friend meeting then.


We aren't out of the fog yet. Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson met with (or is in the process of meeting with) Arizona head coach Sean Miller, but despite reports to the contrary there is still no decision.

The latest comes from Andy Katz, who's been far more conservative during the entire process than anyone else. He says that a decision from Miller will be coming "within 24 hours," though I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen much faster. Remember that most people think Miller is likely to take the Maryland job when it's offered.

Like, uh, this guy. Jon Rothstein is saying that people close to the situation believe Miller will take the job. His backup plan mention, however, was Shaka Smart, and that seems a little ridiculous to me. Shaka had one great year, and given how much we've heard about Dixon, Brey, and Wright, it'd be surprising if things reached that low.

Meanwhile, Arizona's athletic director, Greg Byrne, has been sending out tweets about how much he wants to retain Miller. They're directed at the fanbase, though, and this reeks of him trying to cover his tracks and keep the fans happy.

One potential kink in the plan was presented by Fox's Josh Gershon: Anderson is also meeting with Pitt's Jamie Dixon, who was also at the Vegas clinic. Dixon is a great coach who's done great things at Pitt, but he isn't quite the spectacular choice that Miller is. Keep in mind, too, that Anderson and Dixon are good friends. This could be a courtesy visit, or maybe they're just saying hi. See update above.

As always, there are a few huge caveats with this. As we learned last night, we have no idea to the validity of several of these, many of which seem to completely contradict each other. Take them all with a grain of salt.