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Jeff Goodman Says Maryland, Miller Haven't Met or Reached Agreement [UPDATE: Anderson, Bisciotti on Plane]

I have almost no time, but this is worth getting up. From Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports, the previous report that Maryland and Miller had reached an agreement was inaccurate.

However, my sources said Miller is "leaning towards taking Maryland." However, nothing will be done until after meeting today in Vegas.


Sean Miller hasn't even met with Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson yet. Report by ESPN980 saying this is done are inaccurate.

So hold your horses, at least for the moment. But it appears highly likely that Maryland wants Miller and Miller wants Maryland. So long as they can work out the financials, everything should be okay.

UPDATE 1:28: I have to go for the moment, but Chick Hernandez says that Anderson and Steve Bisciotti are heading out west (presumably to Vegas) to talk with Miller. I fully expect this to be finished by tonight, if not sooner. Presser likely on Monday.

Kevin Anderson & Steve Biscotti on way to AZ to meet with Sen Miller, bringing him back to get deal done by Monday. ... Kevin Anderson def on plane, possibly Steve Bisciotti. Miller wants gig done quickly.

Bisciotti's presence there is big. Even bigger is that Maryland is on the verge of hiring Sean Miller.