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Gibbs, Faust May Not Be Decommitting in Williams' Retirement After All

Still a Terrapin. For now.
Still a Terrapin. For now.

Dave already mentioned that Adam Zagoria is reporting that both Nick Faust and Sterling Gibbs are planning to reopen their commitments. That would be a death knell for Maryland's hopes next year, as Faust was expected to be an immediate contributor off the bench (or maybe in the starting lineup) and the Terps could've used Gibbs' depth.

But wait! A lot of Maryland fans tend to be skeptical of Zags, and if you didn't fully buy it, you might've been right to wait: Matt Bracken is reporting that Gibbs is saying he's "not sure" if he'll open up his recruitment yet. Meanwhile, Faust's AAU coach said Nick just found out and has made no decisions at this point. So, uh...who was Zags talking to? While they might end up opening up their recruitments, it certainly doesn't look like it's happening right now.

That said, such a decision would be par for the course when things like this happen. It's one thing to sign up for Gary Williams; it's another to receive Sid Lowe. (Which, of course, won't happen. But, y'know, from their angle they don't know).

The kicker is that they've already signed their Letters of Intent. That restricts them to attending Maryland (and only Maryland) unless the program releases them from their NLIs. That's standard procedure here, and I expect Maryland will give them their releases, but they may wait until the replacement is hired and has a chance to talk to them. If, after that, they still want out, then they'll almost surely give them their releases.

But, quite often, they don't. Julian Royal stuck around at GT after the Jackets hired Brian Gregory, for instance. If Maryland hires a guy like Wright or (preferably) Miller, you have to like their chances at retaining at least one of them. (Faust is, frankly, more important; Maryland needs a scoring wing, but certainly not a point guard).

Retaining at least one of them would be nice; both would be a god-send, considering the team that's currently on the roster for next season.