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Maryland Minute 5.4.11 - Reaction to the Jordan Williams "Decision"

Dave Neal 2.0?
Dave Neal 2.0?

Jordan Williams' decision to remain in the NBA Draft has prompted a wide range of opinions from fans and the media alike.  Below is a collection of those opinions, including my own. 

Jeff Barker surprised by the way 'Jordan Saga' went down
Namely, that he didn't bother to tell Gary Williams, and that the staff found out through the WAPO article. I'm not sure how valid this is; if the rest of us knew Jordan was likely out, I'm sure Gary knew well in advance of yesterday. Still, it would have been nice to call the head coach...ya know, the guy that gave you a scholarship and helped you develop.

I don't want to make Jordan out to be a bad guy, because he's not. But I don't think I'll ever have the same passion for Jordan the NBA player, as I do for say Greivis.

All is not lost -- just J. Williams - Washington Examiner 
Here's one potential positive outcome: the Terps run a four guard lineup, Sean Mosley resorts back to his old gritty self, and Hawk Palsson turns into Dave Neal.  I like it. 

Jordan Williams needs work before being ready for NBA - Baltimore Sun
Kevin Cowherd's take on the situation. Basically "best of luck, I think you'll need it."

Georgetown AD plays down talks about possible Hoyas-Terps basketball series
It would be sweet if it happened but I'm not holding my breath.

"Kevin and I are friends and athletic directors," Reed said through a university spokesman. "We’ve had conversations about scheduling possibilities, but it was far too preliminary a talk for it to be the subject for newspaper articles. It’s inappropriate to prematurely blow this out of proportion."

Lacrosse bracket projection: May 4 - D1SCOURSE
He's got the Terps squaring off against Penn in the first round.

Hitler reacts to NC State coaching search

On a day like today, you could probably use a little comic relief.