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Washington Times: Kevin Anderson Trying to Rekindle Georgetown-Maryland Rivalry

Rivalry is back.
Rivalry is back.

If there's any rivalry that needs reviving, it's Maryland-Georgetown. The two teams last faced off in the 2008 Old Spice Classic, in one of the most embarrassing Maryland losses in the program's history. The game before that was the epic 1993 Maryland win, the one that signaled the Terrapins' resurgence as a program. (Doh! They also played back in 2001 in the NCAA Tournament).

After that game, the two programs have refused to schedule each other (the 2008 blowout was created by the seeding of a tournament). Depending on who you ask, it's because Maryland is scared, Georgetown is scared, or because they can't figure out exactly what constitutes a "home game."

All of that is stupid. Two of the best, most historic basketball powerhouses exist within ten miles of each other, each with extremely different makeup in their student bodies and fanbases. They fight for recruits. They fight for fans. They fight for DC media. It's nearly a perfect rivalry, but it's been held up by what amounts to the basketball version of political red tape.

At least, until now. Maybe. That's what Maryland AD Kevin Anderson is telling people. Via the Washington Times:

Anderson said Tuesday he is pursuing at least a two-game series between the Terrapins and the Hoyas as part of a larger push to provide Maryland fans with more appealing nonconference games.

"Lee Reed, the athletic director at Georgetown, is a very good friend of mine," Anderson said. "We've talked about renewing that series and doing a home-and-home series. We're in a serious conversation now."

It doesn't get much more awesome than that, assuming it happens. If they can get it to go down relatively soon - and basketball scheduling is normally a much faster process than football scheduling, which often takes years to line up - it'll be even better.

Aside from reviving a rivalry that really, really needs reviving, Maryland would get a home game against Georgetown to fill the seats. Marquee OOC home games have grown rare recently in the Comcast Center; for instance, the best true home opponent last year was the College of Charleston. Really.

It makes sense on all sides. Maryland needs to learn how to schedule other elite programs for home games - seriously, the best OOC home opponent last year was College of Charleston. Georgetown gets Maryland in the Verizon Center, which should help fill the cavernous arena (for the record, the same goes for Maryland). And the winner gets bragging rights.

It's also worth noting that Anderson is trying to do some other scheduling jujitsu in other sports. He's trying to get Oklahoma, Missouri, and Wisconsin all to come to College Park (and the Terrapins make a return trip, presumably) in the near future. That means ticket sales, but getting those games are an important step in the rise of the football program.

But those are mostly vague, and nothing can happen there until 2015. In the meantime: MARYLAND-GEORGETOWN.