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Maryland Minute - 05.23.11 - Gary Williams, Ralph Friedgen and Brenda Frese Make Most Among State Workers

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Williams, Friedgen and Frese highest-paid Maryland employees - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
So surprise Gary and Ralph were #1 and #2, respectively. They bring money into the University and any who says it's ridiculous that they got paid that much need to go take an econ 101 class. I knew we paid Brenda a lot to keep her here following the Natty in 2006, but I'm surprised she's the 3rd highest paid state employee...

Jordan Williams changes diet, physique to improve draft position - The Washington Post
Good piece on how Jordan has cut his body fat further in preparation for the NBA draft.

Rush The Court " Blog Archive " RTC NBA Draft Profiles: Jordan Williams
Rush the Court did a nice profile piece on Jordan Williams. Check it out.

Faceoff: Slowing it down vs. Syracuse not part of Maryland's nature -
Looking at the Syracuse - MD game tempo.

PressBox: Women's Lax Semis Pit Maryland And Duke
In case you didn't know, both the men's and women's LAX teams are playing Duke in the semis. Hopefully we walk away with two wins!

NCAA Rule Says Jones Can’t Enroll at St. John’s (UPDATED) |
Why are we linking to this? Because I think this rule would have been applicable for Maryland, had Wally Judge decided to come here. I think with the hiring of Hill, he wouldn't have been able to attend Maryland.