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Maryland Minute - 05.19.11 - Should Maryland Hold Off on Naming the Comcast Court After Gary Williams?

It's weird and awesome to see Gary in his graduation robe...
It's weird and awesome to see Gary in his graduation robe...

Wow, what a whirlwind the last few weeks have been. We haven't done a Maryland Minute in a while because, well, every time a story broke it was worthy of it's own individual post. We'll hopefully get back into having daily Maryland Minutes, depending on what happens in the next few weeks. Regardless, we'll do our best to get any and all Terps related news out to you.

PressBox: Hold Off On Naming Court After Gary Williams

I like Stan, who wrote this piece, a lot. His editor sent us this article and I told him I respectfully disagree with Stan's argument about holding off on naming the court after Gary. I made the point that it's not just Gary's accomplishments as a coach, bringing Maryland from sanctions to a national title, that warrant his name being on the court at Comcast. Its also all he's done in terms of exposure for Maryland, helping to take the University to the next level, and the millions of dollars he's helped raise in the "Great Expectations" campaign and the establishment of a new scholarship fund. I think question isn't "is Gary worthy" but name do you actually put on the court? "Garyland?"  "Gary Williams Court?"  "Coach Williams Court??" I think I'll do an entire post on this...

Gary also spoke at Maryland's commcement yesterday. In case you missed it, here's his speech. What was really cool, aside from all the jokes President Loh made, was how the grads turned their tassels around. They brought back up Gary, asked everyone in the crowd to stand, waiving their fingers in the air, and when Gary gave one last fist bumb, that was the signal to move their tassels across to the other side. Upon doing this, the crowd dropped their hands and said "Swoosh." Pretty awesome (sadly that's not included in this video).

Gary Williams Commencement Speech - University of Maryland, Spring 2011 (via UMDNews)

Scott Spinelli joining Turgeon’s staff at Maryland - Terrapins Insider - The Washington Post
This is the first we've heard from Spinelli as far as I know. He mentions the front court as being a "priority" in recruiting, and has some nice things to say about Dalonte Hill. - Ben G.

NBA Draft 2011: Josh Selby, Jordan Williams take first steps toward NBA dreams -
Jordan has started training at a pre-draft camp in Chicago. Hope he does well. Seems like a lock as a 1st round pick now.

Mike Preston: Terps hope to avoid repeat of 2009 matchup with Syracuse -
Mike Preston reminds us about the last time MD faced 'Cuse in the NCAAT...

History is not on Maryland's side vs. Syracuse | Kevin Dunleavy | Sports | Washington Examiner
Hopefully Maryland can break through against Syracuse and eventually win their first title since 1975...

Jordan Williams NBA Draft Interview at Chicago Combine
For those that haven't disowned Jordan Williams, its worth the look. He cites the "confidence" his Vegas trainers gave him as the reason for staying in the draft. - Ben G.

Torrey Smith on Gary Williams: 'Everyone's going to miss that fist pump' -
Need more reasons to like Torrey Smith? Here you go.

Tracking the Terps: Report: QB Tyler Smith transferring to Elon -  Jeff Barker -
Yeah...we better hope DOB and C.J. Brown don't get hurt. I guess Devin Burns might be the third string now, but he had switched to WR... - Touted guard Torian Graham picks N.C. State
Big get for State. Too bad they'll remain a middle of the pack team, despite the talent.