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Reports: Justin Anderson Officially "Reconsidering" Maryland Pledge, Taking Visits

I don't know what's going on either, man.
I don't know what's going on either, man.

This story has transcended the purgatory that is "rumor status" and is now a legitimate deal: Justin Anderson, arguably Maryland's biggest commitment since the halcyon days of Mike Jones, has decommitted from the Terrapins. There are now two relatively reputable sources - the Washington Post's Josh Barr and NBC's Dan Hellie (I know he's an anchor, but so is Chick and SVP, and we listen to them) - saying that Anderson has decommitted, or in nicer language is "reconsidering." Given the amount of smoke we've seen, there are definitely some embers somewhere in there.

Barr said that Anderson visited UVA on Wednesday and plans to visit another school - the smart money's on Virginia Tech - before making any type of decision. Maryland is, presumably, still in play here. Thing is, Anderson signed up for Gary Williams, and Turgeon isn't him. It'll be up to Turgeon to re-recruit him. Logically (and hopefully), he might have an upper-hand, given Anderson's obvious comfort with Maryland's program.

UVA would be a real head-scratcher of a choice, based on their tempo. Tech, which is making a run at Rob Ehsan, makes more sense. Although the entire staff pitched in with Anderson's recruitment, it was Ehsan who was his main contact. I've always considered him to be a rich man's Deron Washington, as well, and of course he flourished (well, kinda) at VT under Greenberg.

VT is also the scarier potential landing spot, for what it's worth, given their track record over the past few years and the fact that they're stockpiling talent at an alarming rate. Sticking both Anderson and Dorian Finney-Smith on the same team is scary.

It'll be interesting to see how big this gets for Anderson. The initial rumor was that he was going to do a straight switch from Maryland to UVA, which would be flooring. I still think it's more likely that he actually opens it back up a little more, but you never really know with this game anymore.

I'd stay calm, if I were you - remember that Maryland still has a chance here. Not a particularly great chance based on history (decommitments rarely stay with the original school, Faust and C.J. Leslie notwithstanding), but at least a decent chance nonetheless.

An up-and-down month has gone even more roller-coaster.