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Good News: Star Baltimore Guard Nick Faust Recommitts to Maryland

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It's Faustival 2011, everybody! Maryland's star recruit, Nick Faust, had asked out of his LOI with the Terrapins' two other recruits after Gary Williams retired. But now it appears he's back in the fold:

GMC: We can ABSOLUTELY confirm Nick #Faust news. He has re-committed to #Maryland, per his father. #Terpsless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


If there was anyone who Mark Turgeon was going to hold onto it, Faust was the guy. He's a big-time shooter and has developed his game to become a complete scorer. He struggled at times his senior year with the lack of help offensively, but with Terrell Stoglin on the team, he might do better in a secondary or tertiary role when he's on the court, particularly as a spot-up shooter. For more on Faust's game, check out the introductory post we did for him a few months ago.

No one really knows how much better this will make Maryland next year, but that's not really the problem. Maryland is going to be average at best next year anyway. What's important is that this gives Turgeon a talented wing to build with for the future; it's one less position to recruit, and one less year to wait for Player X to develop.

Because of Faust's relationship with Bino Ranson, his primary recruiter at Maryland, he was always the recruit most likely to return if Bino stayed, which we now know he has. This had seemed likely for awhile, but it's always good to hear.

This now gives Maryland 9 scholarship players for next year, with four open schollies. They're likely to just hold onto those at this point. That means the Terrapins could have as large as a six-man class in 2012, if they wanted. More on that later tonight.

It's not all peaches and cream: another former Terp signee, Martin Breunig, is visiting Washington as we speak. But I don't think even that could put a damper on this news: Nick Faust is a Terrapin again, and that's good enough for me.