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Maryland Terrapins Recruiting Notes: Gibbs Taking Visits, Anderson Earns Fifth Star

Five star baller.
Five star baller.

Still no staff has been announced in College Park, which is a bit of a surprise given that everyone thought it would happen today, if not sooner. But you can always count on recruiting news to take up space on a slow day.

First off, some bad news: it's looking highly unlikely that Sterling Gibbs will be in College Park next year. He visited Texas and may be visiting UConn soon, too, with nary a mention of Maryland. While I hate to draw conclusions from limited info like that, if he was going to be a Terrapin he likely would've reaffirmed his commitment before going on trips around the country. We'll wait to see for sure, but don't count him in.

Similarly, it might be time to start hedging your bets with Martin Breunig. I've seen a lot of people say that Breunig wouldn't have any interest if he went elsewhere, and that's just plain wrong, especially given how late in the game it is. How wrong? Jeff Borzello says that 35 schools have already reached out to Breunig's HS coach about the newly-available German. Sure, some of those are San Francisco and Loyola and the like, but I'd be shocked if he didn't get looks from some high-majors (Marquette and Cincinnati spring to mind immediately). Remember, he's starting to get some top-150 recognition, and that'll be enough for him to go high-major.

Luckily, there's been almost no news on the Nick Faust front past the occasional skeptical tweet from random Kentuckians. That's a good sign.

For the recruitniks among us, there's even better news: Justin Anderson just earned his fifth star on Rivals. They updated their rankings earlier today for the 2012 class, and Anderson was bumped up to #23 (he was #43). If he holds onto this ranking, he has a legit shot at being in the McD's All-American Game. He'd be the Terps' first participant there since Mike Jones (who?) back in '03. Even if he didn't make the game, he'd still be the Terrapins first five-star by any service since MJ. Assuming, of course, he stays on board.

Other prominent Terrapin targets in the rankings: Mitch McGary at #5 (wow), Shaquille Cleare at #29 (four-star), Amile Jefferson at #34, Jerami Grant at #57, Twymond Howard at #66, and Arnaud Adala-Moto at #117. Seth Allen, unfortunately, was nowhere to be found.

Rankings always come with a grain of salt, of course, and guarantee nothing. But it's nice to see, nonetheless.