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Maryland Assistant Bino Ranson to be Retained by Mark Turgeon?

I just got home to this glorious news:

Multiple sources inside UMD hoops program confirm asst coach Bino Ranson will return to #Terps staff. This should help solidify Nick Faust.Tue May 10 19:57:42 via web


Frankly, considering the position Bino had Maryland in with a lot of prospects, retaining him was very nearly crucial.

It's also the first of three spots that's been spoken for. Scott Spinelli, Turgeon's top assistant at TAMU, is almost a lock to follow if he'll be had. It'll be interesting to see who gets the third spot: Rob Ehsan is loved by those on the roster and inside UMd's administration, but Turgeon has been coaching with Pooh Williamson for years now. Unless Spinelli ends up elsewhere, it's likely that one of those two will be without a job in the coming days.

If want to read more about the assistant coaching search, check out a piece I did earlier that's much more in-depth.