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Instant Media Reactions on Maryland's Hiring of Mark Turgeon

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Twitter kind of sucks, because it makes it so much easier to track rumors like the ones that led to the Sean Miller disappointment. But at other times it's great, like when it allows analysts and college basketball people to share their thoughts on things instantly.

So, because this post was easy to "write", a roundup of media and local institution opinions on Turgeon. Go.

Maryland fans may not know much about Mark Turgeon, but he'd be one heck of a hire. Terrific X's and O's guy - and pretty good recruiter.Mon May 09 20:50:04 via TweetDeck

Gotta hand it to Md AD Kevin Anderson. He went after big names, ended with good choice in Turgeon, and did it at warp speed. Impressive.Tue May 10 01:42:27 via TweetDeck


Wait, what?

I think Turgeon is a solid, safe hire. I personally would've went for a young up-and-coming coach, but Turgeon is a very good coach.Tue May 10 02:02:11 via TweetDeck

Good solid hire by Maryland. Turgeon can really coach and he gets guys who fit his system. He did a great job at A&M.Tue May 10 01:15:07 via txt


Talked with a few of the Maryland players tonight about the hiring of Mark Turgeon. They are surprised, but optimistic.Tue May 10 01:27:55 via web

I realize Turgeon isn't a sexy hire, but 97 wins in 4 years in College Station is nothing to sneeze at.Tue May 10 02:05:02 via TweetDeck


Just interviewed @goodmanonfox on phone. Calls Mark Turgeon the "most underrated x's and o's coach in the country." #terpsTue May 10 02:05:22 via HootSuite


Mark Turgeon..terrific hire for Maryland..runs a program based on toughness/defense..will win and compete for championshipsTue May 10 02:53:47 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Solid choice by Maryland in hiring A&M's Mark Turgeon. Watched him closely last few years and his teams were always prepared.Tue May 10 02:32:47 via Echofon

Mark Turgeon is a great hire for Maryland. Played against him in college and he's an outstanding coach. Turgeon will win in College Park.Tue May 10 02:49:47 via web

like the Turgeon hire, but hope he keeps at least one Gary ass' local ties to the area = growing pains in B-more and DC recruitingTue May 10 01:31:04 via web


His teams are balanced and very well prepared. They will play D too. Wings excel, he was a PG so he knows how to coach that position tooTue May 10 02:48:29 via Twitter for iPhone


He also was a terrific coach at Wichita State after being an assistant to Larry Brown for a lil bit. He is a GREAT coach!!!Tue May 10 02:30:51 via Twitter for iPhone


I thought NC State did a crummy coaching search, but at least filling its job was a challenge. Maryland is one of nation's best jobs.Tue May 10 03:10:24 via web


@ACCSports So does this mean you're not impressed w/ the Turgeon hire?" Umm, should I be?Tue May 10 03:12:00 via web


Turgeon has been a head coach for 13 years. One regular-season league title. No conference tournament titles.Tue May 10 03:14:20 via web


All of those were highly, highly positive - especially encouraging from DeMatha's Mike Jones - until Mike DeCourcy panned it pretty heavily at the end there.