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Maryland Minute - 04.07.11 - Is Gregg Doyel Writing A Story About Gary Williams or Not?

Not too much going on right now. I thought yesterday would see a story about Gary and the NC State coaching search come out from our favorite CBS writer, Gregg Doyel, but SVP seems to imply that no story is immanent...

DC Sports Bog - Dan Steinberg  - The Washington Post
SVP weighs in on the Gary v. Yow fight. This quote was the most interesting, as SVP implies that no story is coming from Doyel...

The Gregg Doyel piece of it, I think she was expecting an article to be coming. My understanding [is] I don’t think that’s coming. I don’t know why you’d ever say something like that. If you think that you were gonna get Rick Barnes or Sean Miller or somebody like that and you didn’t because Gary Williams told him not to go, then you’re out of your mind.

Decision gets tougher for potential pros - College Basketball News | FOX Sports on MSN
Jeff Goodman offers advice for various college basketball kids thinking about going pro. His advice to Jordan, which I think is spot on:

JORDAN WILLIAMS, MARYLAND He’s not a big fan of the academic component of school, but neither was I. The Terps' big man put up huge numbers this year, but no one cared because he did it in obscurity. Next year, he’ll have older guards who can make his life easier. Goodman’s advice: I’ve known Williams for a long time, and it’s best for his future if he comes back and plays his way into the first round, which is a realistic possibility.

Recruiting Report: Warren Powers 'really improved' this year - Terps - Matt Bracken -
Props to sunny2189 for posting a Fanshot about this, but here is some info on Warren Powers, another possible basketball target for the Terps.

Faceoff: Maryland at Navy: Three things to watch - College lacrosse  -
The Sun previews Maryland's lacrosse game against Navy tonight.

Baseball down in standings, but looking up - The Diamondback - Sports
The baseball team is still down in terms of ACC standings, but they're improving!