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Maryland Minute 4.6.11 - Media Comes Out in Defense of Gary Williams

Who ya got?
Who ya got?

Here's my take on the situation:  I have no idea what exactly Gary did or didn't do (I don't think any of us do).  But I find it very unlikely that Gary would go out of his way to call every potential NC State coach and bad mouth Debbie Yow. He's got more important things to do like recruiting and/or golf.  It's more likely that a coach or two called him, and he gave an honest assessment of Yow (no doubt a harsh one).  I also wouldn't rule out the option that Debbie Yow simply exaggerated this whole thing as a play to her fanbase.  We know she reads blogs and message boards (heck, she even read ours) and she's been known to gauge the pulse of a fanbase through those forums.  In the days leading up to the hire, the Wolfies were already blaming Gary for "sabotaging" the coaching search.  It wouldn't shock me if Debbie Yow just picked up on that and ran with it.  

Onto the MM...

Yow's spat with Williams years in the making - Don Markus
If you read one piece on Yow vs. Gary, this should be it. If he's telling the truth, (which I suspect he is), Yow comes out looking like a truly awful manager.

Dick Vitale: Gary had "zero" to do with N.C. State hiring
I'm not a huge Dickie V fan but he's a huuuuge name in college basketball. One of many big names coming out to defend Gary today...

Gregg Doyel declines D.C. interview requests - DC Sports Bog
Hypocrisy at its finest ladies and gentlemen.

Jordan Williams #23 in Latest Mock Draft -
I wouldn't take their word as gold, but if he's in that range...well, see ya.

Under Armour Makes Draft T-shirt for Torrey Smith
Wow, Under Armour's awesome. This kind of stuff has to be impressive to recruits, right?

Terps getting closer to full strength (Lax) - Washington Times
It'll be interesting to see how Tillman works attackman Travis Reed back into the lineup. The Terps have a big one Friday night at Navy.