Henson and Zeller to Return--Maryland Impact

Henson and Zeller just made their return to UNC official.  Probably not the best news for Maryland fans, but maybe there is a silver lining or two.  Any thoughts?

It may help us land Hubert--they aren't going to have much in the way of minutes for him next year, with Zeller, Henson, McAdoo clearly above him on the depth chart.

Obviously this makes UNC ridiculously good next year, especially if Barnes ends up returning as well.  But that will help our perception nationally a little bit (though I think depth is the real concern there).

One other worry--does JW see that two big men have pulled out of the draft, and think he has to go now to take advantage of a thinning class of post players?  Next year he will be up against Zeller, Henson, Sullinger, etc.

Anyways, thought it was interesting non-Yow news.

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